The Trampoline Program has classes that can accommodate a broad range or participants from recreational to the advanced level, aged from 4 –80+. Our qualified instructors have a wealth of knowledge through experience having coached locally, interstate and internationally.

Once participants have completed the Twisters certificate, they can move into the competitive stream, or choose to stay on in the recreational classes. Placements will be advised individually.

Competitive Classes are based around the Gymnastics Australia National Levels Program, from Level 1—10. There are offered from Pre-Level to Level 10 as well as Age and International Competitions.

All competitive classes have a focus on:

  • Safety techniques
  • Structure
  • Progression
  • Challenge
  • Motivation

Come along and experience the thrill of PCYC Trampoline in a competitive or non-competitive environment.

What to wear:

  • Comfortable clothing—no zips, buttons, belts
    Socks for trampoline classes

SESSION FEES – Can be paid by Direct Deposit weekly/fortnightly/quarterly, by MOTO quarterly OR full year in advance. A Payment Arrangement Contract can be arranged in special circumstances

Registration Costs – All participants

Gymnastics Tas Registration $30 recreational only Valid Jan to Dec
PCYC Membership
$40 Valid 12 months from payment

See TRIAL SESSION for more information about when these fees must be paid.


Bouncers is a Beginners class for 4-5 year old children,

Day  Time Price Per Class
Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm $15.30 per class

Free G -| GymMasters | Recreational Training

There are a number of pathways for Gymnasts after they finish training in the GymSkills, GymStarz or Levels (or Trampoline/Tumbling) programs.

Click on Free G to find out about this indoor, parkour-style training which sits under amongst our Trampolining & Tumbling Programs.

GymMasters or Recreational Training is for Gymnasts who wish to continue training non-competitively after they finish training upper level gymnastics.


Fridays 5.30pm to 7pm

Age:  10yo to 13yo
OR if you are a little older and haven’t done trampolining or gymnastics to a reasonable level you will need to attend Pre-G.

Pre-G builds all the foundations you will need to be able to do the basic tricks and skills, and also sets the building blocks for bigger skills later. As safety is paramount, this class is the entry level class for all free-running (FreeG or PreG classes).

Coaches will assess if your skills are suitable to enter FreeG (advanced) classes.

There will be a mix of age groups in this session.
Casual Class (1.5hrs): $15 per session

Casual Attendance Waiver:
*Attendees must sign the Casual Waiver each week.
*For children under 18yo, a parent or legal guardian must sign the Full PCYC Waiver before the first class.

Click this link to download the Full PCYC Waiver 

Free G

TIME:  Fridays 7pm – 8.30pm
AGE:  14yo+

FreeG is indoor, parkour-style or free-running style training taught by our Trampoline and Tumbling Coaches. It is a great way to learn skills and a perfect pathway for people who have finished doing Gymnastics and Trampolining!

The class caters for a variety of skill levels. Please note that you will have to learn the foundation skills before pathwaying onto more advanced skills.  Patience and practice help achieve perfection!

Class Day and Time Price Per Class
PreG 10-13yo Friday 5:30-7pm $15 per class*
FreeG 14yo+ Friday 7-8:30pm $15 per class*

*Term paid by Direct Debit weekly @$15 get priority placement. Class numbers are limited.

Casual Attendance Waiver:
*Attendees must sign the Casual Waiver each week.
*For children under 18yo, a parent or legal guardian must sign the Full PCYC Waiver before the first class.

Click this link to download the Full PCYC Waiver 

Rec Tramp

Rec Tramp is for participants from 11+ with any level of prior experience from none to ex-competitors. The class provides a fun sporting alternative to team sports and focuses on self-paced skill development.

Class Days, Times and Prices

Class Day  Time  Price Per Class
Tramp Rec Wednesday 6/6:30pm-7:30/8pm $22.55
Adult Casual Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm $12.00
Flyers Wednesday 5-6:30pm $17.53
Thursday 5:30-7pm $17.53
Dev 1 Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm $21.18
Thursday 6:30-8pm $15.91
Dev 2 Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm $21.18
Wednesday 4:30-6pm $15.91
State Monday 6pm-7.30pm  $10.50
Tuesday 7-8:30pm $10.50
Wednesday 6:30-8pm $10.50
National  Monday 6-7.30pm  $12.35
Wednesday 6.30-8pm $12.35
Thursday 6-7:30pm $12.35
Friday 5:30-6pm $12.35
International JNR Monday 4:30-6pm  $12.35
Wednesday 6:30-8pm $12.35
Thursday 5:30-7pm $12.35
Friday 6-7:30pm $12.35
International SNR Monday 4:30-6pm  $12.35
Wednesday 6pm-8pm $12.35
Thursday 4:30-6pm $12.35
Friday 4-5:30pm $12.35

Progressions through classes


GymTas Registration

The Gymsports activities area includes: Gymnastics, Trampoline, Tumbling, Free G or KinderGym. To train in this activity you must be registered as a Gymnastics Tasmania Member. 
GymTas Registration costs as follows, and must be paid before your first training session. The payment registers the participant for the calendar year (01 January to 31 December). PCYC collects this payment on behalf of Gymnastics Tasmania.

  • $30 Recreational Training
  • $45 Competitive Training  (Level 1 onward)

PCYC Membership is also required for all of the above.


How to enrol

1. Complete the GymSports Application Form (which is also the GymTas Registration Form)

2. A GymSports Coordinator will contact you to discuss class times and answer any questions. Sometimes there is a waiting list for some classes.

3. Print out the PCYC Membership Form (or Family Membership). Print out the Direct Debit Authority Form. The forms can be found on this Website or from the Club. Ideally complete both these forms before you arrive.

4. Arrive at the class 15 to 20 minutes early to complete your paperwork and payment. For your first Trial Session you will pay:

– Pay the CLASS DEPOSIT by cash, EFTPOS or MOTO Form

– *$30 GymTas Rego (or $45 for Competitive Levels)

– *$40 PCYC Membership (or Family Membership)

– Submit your Direct Debit Authority

5. At the end of the session you MUST return to reception and either:

*Confirm your child will be CONTINUING
*Confirm your child will NOT CONTINUE – and request that reception refund your GymTas & PCYC Membership if you do not want to continue.

Your registration and membership paperwork must be maintained on our files for insurance reasons. Your Direct Debit Authority will be destroyed or you can take it with you.  
This helps us ensure that parents definitely confirm whether their child will continue or not (so we can reallocate the place).


Download a PDF of all the Trampoline and Tumbling fees by clicking this link


**Fees on this page may change. The most up to date fees are found on the downloadable fee schedule above.