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Sporting Edge is PCYC’s performance optimization training for individuals and teams, More below.

Sporting Clubs PCYC provides Weight Gym memberships at an affordable price for members of affiliated Sports Clubs. PCYC Sporting Clubs affiliates have access to our Sporting Edge Coach/es to undertake performance optimization training with individual athletes or teams.  More below.

Sporting Edge

Ever wondered why you missed out on State Rep Team selection, or TIS squads? Your coach is teaching you all the right the skills, but the other players still seem to have an edge you are missing?
Do you train hard in the off-season, but then end up looking like Tarzan and playing like Jane? There’s a good chance your strength and conditioning training is not matching the biomechanics of your sport nor maximising your influence-able advantages!
Sporting Edge is an ongoing series of training sessions designed to build a competitive edge over your rivals.
No matter what your sport is, no matter what your current ability is, no matter what your goal is, Sporting Edge Trainers will help you maximise your competitive advantage. Whether you are an elite level athlete hoping to maximise your chance at selection, or the kid who comes last in the running, race Sporting Edge will optimise your performance this season.

Why use a Specialist Coach to support your sport-based training?

Sporting Edge trains Explosive strength, explosive power, explosive speed, agility, avoiding contact injury, the body biomechanics, active balance, functional body training, plyometric training, flexibility, dexterity… and the list goes on. Sporting Edge training activates brain and body functions to fine tune athlete’s ability to respond, react and recover.

In the world’s leading sporting countries kids are getting a competitive edge by doing additional training of core competencies on top of their usual skills-based training. And they certainly don’t stop training altogether in the off season. No matter what sport; if you are training, to become the “best of the best” all the top teams recognise that one coach can’t do it all. And a coach that thinks they can “do it all” is probably holding their athletes back.
World class soccer, netball, football, rugby, and other top level sports now have defensive coaches, offensive coaches AND strength and conditioning performance specific coaches. And most of them are back-tracking over fundamentals that their athletes missed in their core and functional foundations training.

Training is usually divided into three age groups. Maximum of around 20 people per session:

  • 7-10 years
  • 11-13 years
  • 14 to 17 years

Sports that have commonalities (of leg skills) like explosive acceleration and deceleration, changes of direction, jumping (explosive power), running technique for speed, quick reflex and decision making, tenacity and determination and so on can train together during foundation building. EG Soccer, AFL Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey can train legwork together. Ideally sports will book out a full session allowing more tailoring.

Personal Training and small group catchup is available to address core and functional foundation deficits. Teams can book private sessions rather than training in general attendance sessions

Athletes may need to attend Foundations Assessment Session/s before placement in a group. Sometimes this can be catered for within the sessions, for example in a new group.

What the Science tells us

  • Did you know there some developmental windows, where pre-adolescents and adolescents can maximise their physical capacities more than at any other time in their lives? Up to 1.5 times more than at normal times. This can affect your trajectory for the rest of your sporting career.
  • Has anyone ever taught you how to maximise your running technique?
  • Does your coach teach you the skills and strategies, but on game day you get outrun, out manoeuvred, or bumped out of play?
  • Do you play a team sport, but no-one has taught you how to read ahead of the play?
  • Do you trust your instincts when the pressure is on?
  • What functional movement tests and tailored strength, conditioning and fitness programs does your coach set during the season and offseason?
  • Do you come out of the offseason, fresh, fit and rearing to go?
  • Do you know about training influencable twitch fibres?
  • Do you apply neuroplasticity, kinesthetic and plyometric principles to your training?
  • Are you schooled in the psychology of sport? Control your mind, control your body. Your mind will give up a long time before your body. Are you training your head to “meet the wall head on”.

Each session embeds “Back to Basics” training amongst new and challenging skills drills to keep athletes engaged. These sessions allow tailored training to bridge gaps due to coming into the program late, or needing additional work in specific areas.

Team Specific Training

Some do not want their athletes in general sessions with other players. Instead they want to work with our Sporting Edge Instructors to develop a program specifically for their team, while building team work along the way.



SESSION TYPE SESSIONS PER WEEK $ per Person/Session Paid by
General Session 1 $10 Direct Debit (ongoing until cancellation)
OR Family Credit  (Full Term in Advance)
General Sessions

2 sessions/ week

2 $18  Direct Debit (ongoing until cancellation)
OR Family Credit  (Full Term in Advance)
Full Team Session – 1 session/wk
(or combined Teams eg U12+U13 soccer) 
1 $10

$12 if less than 8 people

Direct Debit (ongoing until cancellation)
OR Family Credit  (Full Term in Advance)
Full Team – 2 sessions/wk
(or combined Teams eg U12+U13 soccer) 
2 $18

$22 if less than 8 people

Direct Debit (ongoing until cancellation)
OR Family Credit  (Full Term in Advance)
Personal Performance Optimization Coaching 1:1 30 minutes intensive

45 minutes



PAYG per session in advance

OR by Direct Debit/Family Credit for a set number of sessions paid in advance.

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