Programs at the PCYC Launceston


For a fun and energetic birthday party, book a party at the PCYC either in the trampoline room or on the Rockwall!


The boxing program at the PCYC is run by Graham George, best known as Daniel Geale’s coach. Classes are available for beginners through to experienced competitors. If you iare interested in non-competitve boxing for skills and fitness leave your name with reception.


With a number of styles and classes there is a dance program for children of all ages and experiences.

Special Ability Fitness

We encourage people of all ages and abilities to use our facilities and have classes available for all people.

Group Fitness

We have regular classes during the week with a qualified instructor taking you through cardio and weight training classes.


There is a Gymnastics class for all ages and level of ability. From GymSkills (pre-levels program) to Level Gymnastics to Recreational Gymnastics.

MAC Trailer

The Mobile Activity Centre (MAC) Trailer offers a wide range of recreational activities at a venue of your choice.

Martial Arts

There are a number disciplines on offer at the Launceston PCYC including Jiu-Jitsu Karate, and Krav Maga. Various ages and ability levels are catered for.

Operation Resilience

During the week PCYC runs a mentored programs for males and females aged 13-19 years old. This includes a number of different activities including OpRes Fitness, the Iron Disciples weight training program & other active programs.

Olympic Lifting

In a purpose built facility, coach Mark Brown will run you through the Olympic Lifting program that has turned out Australia Olympians.

Rockwall Climbing

The Climb is eight metres high with seven ropes and numerous climbs across a range of difficulties.

Senior Fitness

There are numerous classes specifically for seniors at the PCYC. Classes are run at your own page and ability.

Sporting Edge

Sporting Edge is an ongoing series of sports perfomance optimization training sessions designed to build a competitive edge over your rivals.

Taiko Drumming

Taiko (Japanese) Drumming involves power, grace and gives the brain a fantastic “two-sided” workout.


There are trampolining classes for all ages and abilities, in a competitive or non-competitive environment.


From beginners to advanced, there is a tumbling class to suit all abilities.

Under 5’s

There are a number of activities for the Under 5’s designed to develop children emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically within a safe structured environment.

Weight Gym

Anyone over the age of 13 is welcome to workout in the PCYC gym. There are free weights, cardio machines and weights machines to suit all ages and abilities.


There are a number of Yoga classes run each week for beginners through to advanced practitioners.