Personal Training

Training Support – Training Induction | Orientation

INDUCTION TIMES  Book @ reception Monday 6:15am – 7am Wednesday 7am – 7.45am Tuesday 5.45 – 6.30pm Thursday 5.45 – 6.30pm  (on request) TRAINING SUPPORT TIMES Monday 7am – 7.45am Wednesday 6.10am – 6.55am Wednesday 5.30am -6.15pm FREE INDUCTION / ORIENTATION SESSION All PCYC members AND casuals, new or old, can access ONE FREE Weight Gym orientation and induction. This session is mandatory UNLESS you have substantial current knowledge of weight gym training.  It is important that you attend this session so you know how to use our equipment safely. A Beginners Training Program is also available as part of this introduction to PCYC’s Weight Gym should you need it. OPT OUT If you choose not want to do the Orientation and Induction because you have substantial experience and training in Weight Training  and have been introduced to Weight Training at another credible facility in the last 3 years, you may have the option to OPT OUT.  You will however have to sign the OPT OUT FORM at reception and agree to the OPT OUT TERMS. This indicates that you are fully confident that you have sufficient knowledge about weight gym equipment and training at PCYC, including the risks, and you prefer not to do the induction. You will agree to accept full liability for your training if you Opt Out. TRAINING SUPPORT Training Support is available each week during this time, once inductions are finished. Let us know if you need any information about your program or technique! See the training times at the bottom of this page. PROGRAMS At induction you will be provided with a FREE initial program.  You will receive this as a hardcopy printout OR (from September 2017) on your SmartPhone via a free app called PhysiApp. PhysiApp not only provides you with a program.  It also allows you to click through and see the exercise being performed correctly. This is great if its an exercise you aren’t familiar with.  It also lets you provide feedback to our PT’s so they can tailor your next program just for you! Just let us know what your TRAINING GOALS are, and anything of which we need to be mindful and we will tailor your next program. An example of training goals might be:

  • * Gain lean muscle
  • * Lose weight
  • * Build strength and condition
  • * Develop cardio-fitness
  • * Build explosive strength and power
  • * Sports specific training or pre-season
  • * Rehabilitation  (or pre-hab)
  • * Stay in my own home longer (for seniors)
  • * Social reasons
  • * Other reasons…

VITUAL PT  –  NEW PROGRAM  $15 Our trainers advise that most programs should only be trained for around a month before your body adjusts to them. To gain ongoing results we recommend you change your program every 4 to 6 weeks.

  1. Let our PT’s know when you need a new program by emailing us OR fill in a short PROGRAM REQUEST at reception. EMAIL: SUBJECT:   (Your Name) needs new program
  2. Pay reception $15 by cash or EFTPOS (OR sign up by Direct Debit for a monthly program will be sent to you at the start of each month for $12 per month)
  3. Your new program will be sent to your Smart Phone.   OR ask at reception for a hardcopy to keep in the gym filing cabinet.

NEW PROGRAM SESSION with a PT   $35 for 30 minutes   /  $55 for 1hr If you are not sure how to use PhysiApp or want additional support, you can attend Training Support Sessions and ask our PT to help you. If you would prefer a PT to show you through your new program 1:1, book a PT Session at Reception. Our PT will contact you to confirm the training time.

Personal Training

PCYC Personal Trainers

Greg Searle – Personal Trainer

  • PCYC Personal Trainer
  • Specialising in
    • Return to Exercise/Fitness
    • Weight Loss
    • Intro to Weight Gym
    • Australian Defence Force entry training
  • Phone 6344 2411 to book OR

PCYC PT Partners

The following independent PT’s use PCYC as a PT base, but are also valued community volunteers in our Weight Gym.

Sam Rossetto – Personal Trainer | Exercise Physiologist | Sporting Edge Coach

  • PCYC Partner Personal Trainer
  • PT & Diploma of Exercise Science
  • Weight Loss
  • Sports specific performance specialist
  • Phone 0407 757 394


  • PCYC Partner Personal Trainer
  • Specialising in Weight Loss and Strength building
  • Reconditioning fitness and strength
  • Australian Defence Force entry training
  • Couch to 5km
  • Phone 0400 318 676

Other PT Trainers @ PCYC Gym

PCYC is also a base camp for a number of external PT’s.  These PT’s use our Weight Gym and Fitness Area alongside our members, but they carry their own insurance and deliver their service independently of PCYC. Most of the PT’s have business cards in the foyer. You are welcome to contact them directly.

PCYC PT Base Camp

Personal Trainers who wish to train clients at PCYC can do so under the following strict conditions

PT’s must:

  • Meet with the Club Manager to request approval to train clients at PCYC
  • Maintain current PT Liability Insurance* ($10m min.)
  • Maintain current, valid Working with Vulnerable People Check*
  • Maintain current, suitable First Aid Qualification *
  • Be a Direct Debit member of PCYC ($9.55 per week) to cover their own gym use. At less than $2 per day, this gives the PT unlimited use of the gym during opening hours.
  • Book your clients into our system (so staff won’t ask them to pay)
  • Pay for your clients before OR at the end of each session
  • Clients who are PCYC Members: $10 per session with the PT
  • Clients who are NOT PCYC Members: $15 per session with PT
  • Provide PCYC with a credit card* or bank details* as security if sessions are not paid for on the day
  • Understand that they take full responsibility for their clients when training them, and for anything related to the training they are delivering to their client
  • Check equipment is safe for use, or lock out the equipment and inform the manager. Help keep the gym and equipment neat, clean and tidy.
  • *Not train any client in the PCYC Weight Gym until the required documentation is provided to PCYC.

PT Clients:

  • Must report to reception before entering the gym
  • Must complete a Weight Gym Induction and PCYC orientation including evacuation process. The PT can learn to deliver the standard induction.
  • Sign the PCYC Waiver (as per all Weight Gym users)
  • Understand that their PT takes full responsibility for them while training with the PT
  • Must pay the PT directly (unless paying PCYC a small fee to receive PT client payments by direct debit fortnightly).


Additional benefits for PCYC PT Partners:

PCYC PT partners donate 1 hour of time each week to PCYC.

During this time they might do PCYC Weight Gym inductions/orientation; or PCYC training support at a time of their choice. They also help keep the Gym tidy, and create good-relations between/with our Gym users.

In return they can have access additional benefits like:

  • Access the PCYC’s PhysiApp/PhysiTracker program to write new programs for clients (remotely); and receive feedback about training homework. This aims to maximise training incentives and rewards for clients.
  • PCYC can accept your client payments via fortnightly Direct Debit. The PT client will need to complete the Direct Debit form. The PT provides details of now much to take, what amount is due each fortnight.PCYC will provide the PT with a report on funds taken from your client, and you will invoice us for this amount fortnightly. This service is a weekly cost of $50 (for up to 10 clients). The PT must inform PCYC as to which clients, the amount to debit, and how many weeks the direct debit should remain active (as well as any changes) at least 24 hours in advance of the Debit Day.
  • PCYC PT Partners can choose to hire the Fitness Room, Basketball Court or Gymnastics (plyometric training) room outside of normal opening hours for a PCYC PT Partner rate.
  • Your PT information will go in our website & in our PT brochure.