PCYC Fitness & PT

We offer:

Group Fitness Sessions

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  • Early Morning Sessions
    • Krav Maga Fitness & Skills
  • Daytime Fitness Sessions
    • Advanced Fitness
    • Fit4Life Circuit -All abilities
    • Yoga


Instructors: Greg Searle, Annette Ransom, Stewart Lawrie
Self Defence Fitness Trainers:
Graeme George & Sam (Boxing), Paul Hawkins (Australian FreeStyle Kickboxing/Huang Sou Do Karate) Andrew Viney (Krav Maga)
Seniors Mentor:
Max O’Toole

 Day Time Class Description Instructor
Monday 8:00am  Advanced  Greg
9:30am  All Abilities  Sam
10:30am  All Abilities  Greg
Tuesday 9:30am  All Abilities  Greg
11:00am  Return to Fitness  Greg
Wednesday 8:00am  Advanced  Greg
9:30am  All Abilities  Sam
10:30am  All Abilities  Greg
 Thursday 9:30am  All Abilities  Greg
11:00am  Return to Fitness  Greg
 Friday  8:00am  Advanced  Greg
 9:30am  All Abilities  Sam
10:30am  All Abilities  Greg

Prices – Fitness

(PCYC Instructor)

 Member $5.50
 Casual $10.00




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Training Support | Training Induction | Orientation Times

6.15am -7am
7am – 7.45am
Training Support
 Wednesday  6.15am -7am
7am – 7.45am
 Training Support
5.30pm to 6.15pm Book @ reception

Anyone PCYC member, new or old, can access ONE FREE Weight Gym orientation and induction. This helps ensure that you know how to use our equipment safely. A beginners program is also available.

Training Support is available each week during the above times, once inductions are finished. Let us know if you need any information about your program or technique!

At induction you will be provided with a FREE initial program.  You will receive this as a hardcopy printout OR on your SmartPhone via a free app called PhysiApp. PhysiApp not only provides you with a program.  It also allows you to click through and see the exercise being performed correctly. This is great if its an exercise you aren’t familiar with.  It also lets you provide feedback to our PT’s so they can tailor your next program just for you!

Just let us know what your training goal are, and anything of which we need to be mindful and we will tailor your next program. An example of training goals might be:

* Gain lean muscle
* Lose weight
* Build strength and condition
* Develop cardio-fitness
* Build explosive strength and power
* Sports specific training or pre-season
* Rehabilitation  (or pre-hab)
* Stay in my own home longer (for seniors)
* Social reasons
* Other reasons…

See our PT page to find out about getting a NEW PROGRAM from only $15

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