Our Club Officer

Our Club Officer/s is a police officer who is responsible for the development, delivery and oversight of Youth Development Programs run at Launceston PCYC .  We currently have two Club Officers, Constable Skye and Constable Dave.

Some of these programs are intended to be accessible to all young people, and others are primarily for youths who are deemed to be “at-risk” of early educational disengagement, long term societal dysfunction and welfare dependence, anti-social behaviour and involvement in the Youth Justice system.

The programs are designed to be “early intervention” in that they are intended to be available to young people before their lives become too enmeshed in the aforementioned risk domains.  In keeping with the history and mission of the PCYC, the programs include elements of sport and/or recreation, as well as other elements provided by allied external agencies such as TasTAFE, the Department of Education, Save the Children as well as other community and youth support organisations. These partners bring additional essential elements to the programs, such as literacy and numeracy, vocational training, work experience and case management.

The Club Officer works closely with the Club Manager to promote the club’s interests and strategic relationships, as well as being the face of the club with regards to it’s youth development program focus.

Our Club Officers also host community conferences in conjunction with other agencies like Youth Justice  and Department of Education.