Police Citizens Youth Club

Police and Citizens Youth Clubs are an initiative of Tasmania Police working in partnership with our community to develop young people, nurture community leadership and support, and help young people who are “at risk” to find positive new pathways for their future. PCYC Launceston began its work in 1946, and is the 2nd oldest PCYC in Australia.

PCYC Launceston has UNDER 5yo ACTIVITIES  including KINDERGYM and KINDERDANCE, a large number of great sport and recreation ACTIVITIES for people of all ages including SELF DEFENSE, BOXING, TAIKO DRUMMING, DANCE, GYMNASTICS, TRAMPOLINE, TUMBLING, FREE-G (parkour-style training), INDOOR ROCKWALL CLIMBING POWER LIFTING, OLYMPIC LIFTING and a great  WEIGHT GYM. Each week of the year we host  GROUP BOOKINGS & BIRTHDAY PARTIES. All of the activities you attend at Launceston PCYC form a social enterprise for the club. So the activities you attend also help fund the work we do with vulnerable, disengaged and disadvantaged youth in our community.

As a community-managed fitness centre, when you become a Club Member you are becoming part of PCYC’s extended family which makes up our club. As the biggest of our club’s in Tasmania, we also aim to support a number of smaller PCYC’s to grow their reach. Many of our members, of all ages, also volunteer their time to give back into the club and to the activities they have attended, as regular volunteers.  PCYC’s tend to attract friendly, community minded people who like to have fun!

Tasmania Police provides our club with a permanent position for a Club Police Officer(s) who actively works in our community to help develop young people in positive directions using recreation as a conduit.  PCYC also has a Mobile Activity Centre (MAC) which provides recreation activities and recreational outreach in various communities in need. Mobile Activity Centre.

Have a look around our website and make yourself familiar with YOUR club’s Activities, Our Team, Our Sponsors and Our History. Feel free to Contact Us if you need more information.

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During the school holidays we have a wide range of activities for all ages. Click here to see all you and your kids can do here!